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Institutional derived FX data

           What is Relash.io? 

We are a Fin-tech streaming institutional delivered FX data or systemised orders and forecasts in a private room. By combining data points on over 13,000 assets with our own proprietary research instruments we are able to deliver institutional orders at a glance. 


markets data

A comprehensive insight of institutional order flows with real time coverage of behavioural economic sentiment, capital flows and technical analysis. We use market analytics and behavioural economics to understand every individual within our audience, helping you to predict speculation. The sell-side research will keep you in sync with institutional flows and provide scaffolding around your trade ideas.


- Full Telegram Access
- Live Institutional Updates
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- All features of Basic plan
- FX Forecasts
- Quantitative Analysis & Modelling
- Technical Analysis

Annual Premium

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$80 per month

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$999 per year

Information you can trust


There are over 500 people in our free chatroom on Telegram platform experiencing the feeling of being in sync with markets and in control. A collaborative power providing retail traders with the information they need.

Institutional Reports

Full access to over 25 institutional reports, conversations between professional traders, analysts, economists and strategists. The exclusive Chatroom gives retail traders access to bank reports and institutional research.

Data driven services

Real-time updates from more than 25 institutions available in one comprehensive overview. 

A level playing field

Relash.io compiles all of the important information that FX traders need on a daily basis into an easy-to-use portal. This is the advantage institutional traders have over retail, you will realise this once you see it.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change my subscription?

Our users can change subscription settings at anytime. If you wish to upgrade you will only pay the difference on the remaining balance. Alternatively should you wish to downgrade we will refund the subscription immediately.

How is Relash.io organised?

To put simply, Relashio is a private market trading and discussion platform. We are bridging the gap between retail and professional investors by breaking down the information asymmetry barriers.

How do I cancel my subscription?

All subscriptions can be cancelled immediately from the ‘My Account’ section in the website. A cancellation will not result in a refund, rather, the service will remain available till the billing cycle completes. Any queries can always be sent via the live chat.

How will it work?

Once you are subscribed you will be invited to join the private institutional live room. Here you will find the Relash.io community sharing professional FX reports, Quantitative Models and Technical Analysis.